The LessonCast Process

LessonCast Learning helps learning-community leaders custom-design professional development that changes instructional practice.

Our process helps learning communities design professional development that targets specific needs and changes instructional practice. We support a continuum of professional learning that spans support for teachers new to the classroom, experienced teachers with expertise to share, and leaders guiding a community in improving instruction. Unlike other PD providers, the LessonCast Process builds capacity within a learning community and helps educators capture and refine lessons learned through a new media format called a lessoncast.

Educators in schools, districts, and teacher preparation programs convert theory to practice in a way that is shareable, updateable, replicable, and sustainable. View how LessonCast helps schools engage an entire learning community in a collective journey toward increasingly effective instruction and growth in student learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is LessonCast different from other PD providers?
Partner schools create customized solutions aligned to the instructional philosophy and needs of their learning community. Community channels provide a secure environment for building on each other’s ideas, storing learning artifacts for on-demand access, and collectively engaging in a cycle to continuously improve instruction and increase achievement.

How does LessonCast provide ongoing support for teachers and leaders?
Our leadership cohorts focus on expert content around school improvement with opportunities to exchange ideas with other leaders working on similar challenges. On-demand tutorials are available to support the creation and implementation of the LessonCast process. Some packages include face- to-face professional development.

Is LessonCast affordable?
LessonCast packages are designed to fit within a school budget.

Are LessonCast packages available to districts?
In addition to packages for schools, LessonCast Learning offers district-level pricing models.

How do I contact LessonCast Learning?
Email: | Call: 443-839-0293