LessonCast Tools

“With LessonArchitect, we are able to create PD resources and experiences that are specifically tailored and relevant for our teachers and students.”

A lessoncast is a 2.5-minute audio-visual presentation created by a teacher to break down the core elements of an instructional idea, so that other teachers may put the idea into practice and make it work for students in their classroom. It’s not a lesson plan, but rather a concrete, compact explanation of the what, why, and how behind a teaching practice.

More important than the definition of a lessoncast is what you can do with it.


Focus professional learning and collaboration.
> Allow for differentiation based on content area, experience, and teaching style.
> Provide concrete examples and resources to support classroom implementation.
> Facilitate reflection and refinement.
> Leave a learning artifact to share and build upon.

Interested in finding out how LessonCast can work with your school or district? continuing PD courses? teacher prep program?


This web application helps educators create and publish PD resources specifically tailored and relevant for their teachers and students. View the demonstration video. Our tool guides the design of lessoncasts that are aligned to standards, consistent with a community’s instructional philosophy, and effective in communicating how to implement a teaching practice.

Each lessoncast can be easily updated and refined as the community learns more about what works. The lessoncast creation process becomes PD for teacher leaders with expertise to share. In addition to the web-­‐based tool, we offer online tutorials and face-­‐to-­‐face PD on creating quality lessoncasts.

Community Channel

Our team works with community leaders to plan implementation of the LessonCast process and to offer ongoing support. Based on local needs, we customize a community channel to provide a secure web environment for educators to share PD resources specifically tailored for their teachers and students. The Channel provides on-demand, searchable access to relevant lessoncasts and supporting resources. This visual Roadmap not only showcases the results of high achieving learning communities, but also shares individual pathways and learning artifacts used to support the journey.